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I am an experienced psychodynamic counsellor with a practice in central Newbury. I work with individual adults and adolescents in regular weekly sessions. 

There are times when it can be hard to talk to friends or family members and it is helpful to speak instead to a professional who is not involved in your day-to-day life. I offer a safe, confidential space where you will not be judged and where we can think together about whatever is troubling you.

My way of working is to be led by you and what you wish to discuss in your sessions. My training means that in addition to thinking with you about present difficulties I can help you consider possible causes of problems. Sometimes we are unknowingly repeating patterns which may make things more difficult in our relationships with family, friends or at work. Situations may cause us stress and we might not fully understand why. I believe that having greater insight into ourselves offers the chance to do things differently and avoid falling into patterns of behaviour that might not be beneficial.

Counselling offers immediate support when you are finding things hard and also the possibility of long lasting change.